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Have your Planning Assumptions been wiped out by COVID and you need to reassess your Profit & Cash Flow targets?

Watch the 9 short video series “COVID impact on your business / Financial Planning Help” to discover how your company can address COVID negative impact on Profit & Cash Flow.

Check out how to understand COVID-19 consequences on your business and implement mitigation actions.

The Story

In this short story there are 2 consulting companies competing for the same client.

Your company (Consulting A) and the competitor (Consulting B).

The client needs to have a business plan to get a multi-million loan from the bank and he expressly asks for a financial projections section of the highest quality.

You want to impress the client in order to get the assignment.

The client sends preliminary information on his business organization. He runs a successful company whose activities span from production to retail and services.

You spend a lot of the time trying to match figures for the group divisions and have a hard time to consolidate the financial statement projections in your Excel sheets but this time they’re not enough. You get stuck and are frustrated!

The clock is ticking and the delivery date is approaching, making you more and more nervous while navigating through several un-matching Excel files.

The due date arrives and you have spent days and nights to prepare projections that don’t satisfy you.

What makes it worse, before starting the presentation, you discover some inconsistencies between numbers which makes you even more anxious and uncomfortable.

While you wait for the customer to arrive at your office, you desperately try to find the reason for the inconsistencies but it is impossible for you to identify the cause in such a short time.

Furthermore, the numerous Excel sheets are not integrated and you would not have the time to update them one by one to check their consistency. Why don’t these Excel sheets ever match each other!?

Cold chills run down your back but the customer is here, there’s no more time!

During the presentation a couple of those little witches are detected by the CFO of the client and you have difficulties explaining the reasons, eventually you say that you will amend the projections and will send the result as soon as possible.

The meeting ends with the client deciding to take some time before coming back with an answer.

After one week the client comes back thanking you for the presentation but informing you that he has decided to proceed with Consulting B.

You know exactly what went wrong…the “little” witches made you a loser.

You have a good relationship with your client and can’t accept defeat without fighting.

You schedule a meeting with your client and it turns out that Consulting B made a more professional and convincing presentation with accurate projections and was able to answer to all questions in real time.


The Consulting B is one of our Clients who decided to purchase ProfitQube™ and get competitive advantage.

Consulting B set up client’s assumptions with few entries, populated several scenarios with few clicks and selected the most suitable one for the client in a matter of hours, hassle and error-free.

Consulting B was comfortable to answer any of the client’s questions in real time during the presentation and analyze different scenarios thanks to ProfitQube™.

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What we can do for you...

Manage Enterprise Integrated Financial Planning (EIFP) for services, trade and production enterprises and verify through what-if analyses the profitability over a period of 5 financial years.

These are the key benefits we offer you...

  • Provide comprehensive financial deliverables to plan and monitor Strategic Goals

  • Enable planning of Profits & Cash Flows

  • Manage Sales Planning

  • Facilitate Cost Control & Pricing

  • Optimize Assets & Funds Planning

  • Streamline and optimize Capacity Planning & Supply Chain

The ProfitQube™ Process

Define your Organization

Input your Scenario(s) Data

Analyze Deliverables (Reporting, KPIs, Charts)

Re-iterate and Fine Tune

Export & Compare/Benchmark Deliverables

This is what our clients say

“We discovered an invaluable companion which allows us to focus on core business and strategy supported by robust and complete financial forecasts”

Business: Web Designing, Software Development & Testing Company IT Infrastructure, Public Networking, Portal Services, Education & Training in various IT tools Applications and Languages
Linda Josephine Fernandez
Managing Director at Lins Technologies
“ProfitQube is a software that talks the entrepreneur language: intuitive, easy to use and makes complex financial forecasts clear also to non-experts.”

Business: Office furniture and stationery to Corporate
Carlo Ciuchini
“I am much more confident that financial projections of our engineering projects are now reliable and accurate thanks to ProfitQube. Our financial team looks more relaxed too!”

Business: agro-industrial and industrial sectors project engineering
Elisabetta Pola

These are our user ratings & channel performance

New Product - ProfitQube™ Consolidation is now available!

ProfitQube Consolidation

ProfitQube Consolidation is a management accounting application which enables the consolidation of Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow (Direct and Indirect).

The consolidation process is aimed both for corporate internal control, plan, budget or forecast and for evaluating strategic investments and joint ventures.

The Service Organization version consists of the planning of services to Customers.

The Trade Organization version consists of the planning of goods purchased from Vendors without production/assembly transformation and sold to Customers.

The Production Organization version consists of the planning of goods purchased from Vendors, transformed and/or assembled and sold to Customers.

The Production Organization Pro version is the most comprehensive one and enables the User to manage the Services, Trade & Production versions together.

All Products include FREE