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ProfitQube™ Release 1.2.8 - Update - June 17, 2020  


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17/06/2020 3:23 pm  


Version: All

  • Intra module navigation buttons colour corrected and aligned with colour of buttons in ProfitQube™for Chapter(s):

        8.1.5                STEP 1 -   Settings

  • Added “Chapter 11 – Strategy and Balanced Scorecard Add-In”



Version: All

  • Output Module 710_BS (BALANCE SHEET) first month/period column of the first planning financial year (i.e. Jan-18) is now included in the Outline (group) to “Show Detail/Hide Detail”.
  • Input Module PREVFY (PREVIOUS FINANCIAL YEAR) correct wrong numbers format.
  • Output Module 700_IS (INCOME STATEMENT: corrected wrong Income Tax summarization for Quarters.
  • Output Module 710_BS (BALANCE SHEET): corrected wrong VAT calculation for planning years 2 to 5 when there is no VAT for year 1.
  • Output Modules 720_CFD (CASH FLOW DIRECT) and 730_CFI (CASH FLOW INDIRECT) VAT split for “Operating Activities”, “Investing Activities” and “Financing Activities” corrected.



Version: All

  • Function Modules 420_ALL&PROV - Customers Unpaid functionality has been added.
  • Knowledge Module HELP section CAPACITY PLANNING (200_CP_PROD) improved with additional information on how “D - Q.ty Inventory Reduction for Allocation to Demand”, “B+C-D = Q.ty Demand Net”, “A + D - B - C = Q.ty +Over/-Under Capacity” and “Overcapacity Make to Stock %” are calculated.
  • Knowledge Module HELP section ALLOWANCES & PROVISIONES (420_ALL&PROV) improved with additional information on how to use Bad Debts Expense % functionality and Customers Unpaid.
  • MENU Buttons “SET WORKBOOK INPUT TO ZERO - PREVIOUS FY” and “SET WORKBOOK INPUT TO ZERO - CURRENT FYs” now clear also Notes in each module.
  • Function Modules 200_CP_PROD (CAPACITY PLANNING), 220_I_PROD (INVENTORY) and 230_P_PROD (PERSONNEL PRODUCTION) layout improved.
  • Function Modules “STRATEGY” and “BALANCED_SCORECARD” have been added.
  • Button “SET WORKSHEET INPUT TO ZERO” now clear also Notes.
  • Function Module 640_ITAX (INCOME TAX) - Down Payment Instalments extended from 2 Periods to 12 Periods for First Financial Year.
  • Input cells gradient effect applies when a value other than zero is populated to improve visibility of used ranges.
  • Output Module “CHECK”: added Quarterly report for Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Direct.
  • Added rows Auto-Fit method to “EXPORT FORMATS” button to improve visibility.