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How ProfitQube can be of help for Franchising?  


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17/12/2018 6:09 pm  

Both Franchisee's and Franchisor's will benefit from adopting ProfitQube as a common application to define the two financial models.

A Franchise business plan is focused on Financial Plan, since much of the business structure is pre-determined by the Franchisor.

Immediate benefits will be:

  • Analyse Business Decisions for both the Franchisee and the Franchisor simultaneously
  • Define typical Franchisee’s Financial Model, then move to designing Franchisor’s financial model and account all strategic decisions and assumptions that were made earlier in the financial plan process of the Franchisor’s
  • Harmonizing typical Franchisee’s and Franchisor’s Financial Models
  • Tune both Franchise fees and scope of services provided by Franchisor to ensure that both Franchisee’s and Franchisor’s Financial Forecasts are consistent and realistic
  • Determine if the Franchise agreement on offer is worthwhile

And much more…