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How ProfitQube enables Start Ups to be successful?  


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19/04/2019 1:17 pm  

You have a great idea and your product or service is well-suited for the market.

You are a duly diligent entrepreneur that does not overlook a single thing.

Your business model is perfect for rapid growth.

Now...You only miss a complete and accurate Financial Plan to reach your goals!


Here is how ProfitQube can perfectly fill this gap:


  • Provides accurate and credible projections to win investors


  • Display requirements to obtain a positive cash flow


  • Highlight the impact of a loan


  • Show the amount of initial capital needed


  • Identify the company's revenue drivers


  • Quantify and prioritize the amount of resources (labor, equipment, materials)


  • Establish company value with discounted cash flow method


  • Enable clearer decisions


  • It shows the general picture, risks and anticipate changes impact


  • Improve your budgeting skills


  • Discover missing or overlooked elements of the activity


  • Determine if the company will ultimately be liquid and profitable


And much more…