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Carlo Ciuchini
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18/11/2018 5:03 pm  

Good evening, our activity at IBC is to retail office furniture, filing solutions, stationery, computer peripherals and provide delivery and installation services. How can ProfitQube fit for our organization and which would be the best version for us?

Thank you Carlo Ciuchini - Director

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19/11/2018 7:48 am  

Hello Carlo, thank you for your questions.

ProfitQube™ is a leading application specifically developed for SME companies but embedding experience from corporations.

ProfitQube™ Trade Versions perfectly fits for your organization.

It manages Sales Planning of Trade Goods, Vendors Capacity, Inventory Levels, Personnel and Financials (Banks, Grants, Taxes and more).

It also enables to plan ancillary and After-Sales Service Sales and Costs.

ProfitQube™ will manage Planning for you hassle free!

Please take advantage of our trial version accompanied by user manual examples and input files.

Fell free to ask for further info you may have.

Have a nice day