Crown ProfitQube™ Presentation


Who should read this document?

Entrepreneurs, Managers, CFOs, Controllers, Financial Managers, Key Users, Auditors, Tax Advisors, Bank Managers, Financial Analysts, Management Consultants, Business Professionals.

With increased globalization and Competitive Pressures, organizations need to find opportunities to Grow Effectively.

These new rules put huge pressure on an organization’s ability to align operationally with both short and long-term Strategic Goals.

New difficulties can be addressed by effective Enterprise Integrated Financial Planning (EIFP) as part of an integrated ongoing business planning process.

Discover how ProfitQube™ is the Best Business Practice for (EIFP) and the first and the only software that brings together the ease of use of Excel, the power of VBA language and the end-to-end business process simulation for Manufacturing, Trade, Services and Multi-Business companies within one modelling environment.

You will be able to manage integrated financial planning both for simple and complex financial scenarios.

Please continue reading the Crown ProfitQube™ Presentation here below which contains Vision, Goals, Mission, Products and Services of Crown Consultancy Services alongside with an overview of ProfitQube™.