ProfitQube Consolidation

ProfitQubeConsolidation is a management accounting add-on of ProfitQube which enables the consolidation of Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow (Direct and Indirect).

The consolidation process consists of the aggregation of a Parent Company financial statements (Controlling Company) with that of its subsidiaries (Controlled Companies) displaying the parent and the subsidiaries as one single entity.

The consolidation process is aimed both for corporate internal control, plan, budget or forecast and for evaluating strategic investments and joint ventures.

The process starts by exporting Financial Statements from Subsidiaries and Parent Company; these files are then imported in ProfitQube Consolidation application (ProfitQubeConsolidation.xlsb).

ProfitQubeConsolidation sums the Financial Statements from Subsidiaries and Parent Company into one single entity.

The single entity worksheet is then exported in a new file for further re-working to offset (eliminate) the intercompany transactions, the subsidiary’s shareholder equity and the parent’s investment accounts.

ProfitQube Consolidation Diagrams


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