The Trade Organization version consists of the planning of goods purchased from Vendors without production/assembly transformation and sold to Customers.

It also incorporates same functionalities of the Service Organization enabling the User to plan ancillary and after-sales service sales and costs.

Here are examples of Trade Organizations:

Food, clothing, other fabrics, footwear, toiletries, cosmetics, medicines, stationery, grocery, detergents, cleansers, personal hygiene products, automobiles, appliances, electronics, furniture, sporting goods, art galleries, bookstores, handicrafts, musical instruments, gift shops etc.

ProfitQube® for Trade enables the organization to manage planning for Product & Service Sales, Selling Variable Costs, Product Cost, Inventory, Overheads, Personnel, Allowances & Provisions, Long Term Assets, Share Capital, Grants, Banks, Loans and Income Tax.


  • Settings
  • Previous Financial Year
  • Sales Trade Domestic
  • Sales Trade Export
  • Sales Services Domestic
  • Sales Services Export
  • Trade Product Cost & Inventory
  • Overheads
  • Personnel
  • Allowances & Provisions
  • Intangible Assets
  • Tangible (Fixed) Assets
  • Long Term Investments
  • Share Capital
  • Grants
  • Banks
  • Loans
  • Income Tax
  • Discounted Cash Flow


  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • CashFlow – Direct
  • CashFlow – Indirect
  • Ratios & KPIs
  • Break-Even Point Multi Product & Service Analysis

Knowledge Base

  • Quick Guide
  • Help


  • Sales Trade
  • Sales Services
  • Inventory Trade
  • Overheads
  • Personnel Selling, General & Administrative
  • Personnel Selling, General & Administrative Number of Employees
  • Sales vs Personnel Number of Employees
  • Long Term Assets & Investments
  • Gross Profit Analysis
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow – Direct
  • Cash Flow – Indirect
  • Dashboard
  • Break-Even Point Trade One Product
  • Break-Even Point Services One Product
  • Break-Even Point Multi Product

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