Why an Affiliate Program?

You know your Clients

We understand that you know your customer base. You have had interaction with them and established a trusting relationship. You know their business structure and who to talk to within the organisation.

In short, you are the perfect sales representative to represent our product. You are aware of problems that may exist in your client base that ProfitQube™ may be able to solve and you are in a position to recommend that they try our product.

Create an Additional Income Stream

Diversification into additional income streams is always a good idea. ProfitQube™ allows you to do that. It also provides you with a wider service base for attracting new clients to your base.

ProfitQube™ allows for creating additional income in the following ways:

  • Affiliate commission on the sale of the software

  • Providing training to your client base in using the product

  • Implementing and initial setup of ProfitQube™ for clients

  • Consultation fees on using ProfitQube™ to deliver the maximum benefit for clients

So, what does an affiliate earn?

That is entirely up to the affiliate. Our program currently allows for two basic ranks. Starting off on the Standard Program will earn you 25% of the sales price of the products sold up to Euro 5000 in total sales. Any training or implementing that we perform forms part of this equation.

As soon as your lifetime referrals exceed Euro 5000 you are automatically assigned to the Premium Program where the earning percentage is increased to 35%. That percentage then applies to any new referrals you may make.

ProfitQube™ does not get any portion of additional income that the referral may bring you. Setup fees, implementation and consulting work that the product sale generates, and which you perform, is strictly for your own account.

Affiliate Onboarding

Getting you up and running as an affiliate is an important consideration for us. Your success is our success.

The process starts with you registering as an affiliate by following this link in the main menu under affiliates. Once you have successfully registered, you will be entitled to receive a 30-day free version of ProfitQube™ (multi-business PP version) for practicing, the User Manual and auxiliary Excel files to support the scenario template loaded in ProfitQube™.

A further online training and implementation session can be provided upon request.

We also like to discuss possible uses your clients may have and assist if required.

We also provide you with your very own unique link that will identify you when we deal with new visitors to our website. These links are in the form of text links or image links and can be modified to blend with your website appearance.

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